Problem Cause
Belt will not track
Edge wear
– Mechanical problem – Pulleys out of alignment/Bad
– Crooked splice, belt out of square
– Material build up on pulley
– Off-center loading
– Improper crown or pulley
– Damaged belt
– Uneven moisture absorption in belt from storage
– Cambered belt
Lace or vulcanized
splice failure
– Wrong size fastener
– Fasteners not properly
– Belt too tight
– Under belted
– Belt speed too high
– Poor tracking (see above)
– Pulley too small for belt
– Poor Splice
Cleat Failure – Pulleys too small
– Belt hitting return idlers
– Poor tracking of belt
– Product overload
– Product or environment attacking belt
– Pulleys too small
– Pulleys too small
– Belt/conveyor misaligned
– V-guide and pulley grooves do not match
– Temperature too high or too low
– Chemical attack
– Improper slack side tension or overall tension
Slipping or stalling – Poor pulley lagging or not enough pulley wrap
– Suction of belt or slider bed
– Too low of drive horsepower
– Too high of coefficient of belt to conveyor
– Material jammed in chute
Top cover wear – Improperly installed chute lining
– Exposure to heat or oil
– Belt slipping on drive
Bottom cover wear – Frozen idlers
– Rough or worn slider bed or pulleys
– Material build up on pulleys
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